Dekani 3a, SI-6271 Dekani

Testing fields

The testing field includes laboratory analysis of liquid fuels, gas and chemicals. We dispose of modern equipment and trained personnel.

Beside quality controls of liquid fuels, which are carried out according to the requirements of standards (EN 590, EN 228, 1011 and others) for each type of fuel, we are also testing the aging of fuels and performing the quality control of pure chemicals and gases. In our laboratory, we also carry out chemical- and microbiological examinations of drinking water and swimming pool water, and we perform microbiological examinations of seawater.

For the implementation of tests the laboratory normally uses standardized test methods (ISO, EN, BS, DIN, ASTM, other international and national standards) or other recognized methods (published in scientific texts or journals).

Test methods used by the laboratory correspond to the needs of the client.

List of accredited test methods within flexible scope of accreditation: List of accredited test methods