Dekani 3a, SI-6271 Dekani

Accreditation according to SIST EN ISO 17025

Quality is a key factor for long-term success and existence. Implementation of services in accordance with the regulations, baseline standards and system documents is our commitment, and this is why soon after establishment of the company we began with the establishment of a quality management system according to standard SIST EN ISO 17025.

In March 2010, we obtained the accreditation certificate no. LP-093, which confirmed the fulfillment of requirements of the mentioned standard of quality.

The current extent of all accredited methods can be observed in the Annex to the Accreditation Certificate published on the web page of the Slovenian Accreditation: http://www.slo-akreditacija.si/acreditation/toc-tehnolosko-okoljski-in-logisticni-center-d-o-o/.